Our Culture

Make a significant difference

We are united by a passion for sharing the gospel and the distribution of God’s Word.  Our desire is to develop a compelling culture founded on Christ-like integrity through open communication, mutual accountability, creative thinking and trust.  In doing so, we will cultivate the opportunity for each individual to reach their full potential, using their God given gifts and talents in an atmosphere where every person is valued and respected.

We offer you the opportunity to put your God given talents and abilities to use through our International Headquarters. Our goal is to attract and develop skilled, called and passionate people to impact our members and individuals around the world for Christ. We want to attract immensely creative employees with an ability to inspire, motivate and challenge others, while fostering an ongoing culture of excellence.

This culture of excellence that we are creating doesn’t happen by accident. We’ve been very intentional over the last few years to take a deep, meaningful look into our culture. We began working with The Best Christian Workplaces Institute, and our survey results were very telling; based on employee feedback, we were in a toxic culture. In working with The Best Christian Workplaces Institute, we have moved the needle from toxic to healthy over the last five years. We are thrilled with our progress and have vowed to continue moving the needle, ultimately striving for a flourishing culture.

If you find this opportunity irresistible, and are looking to engage in a career where you can answer the calling for your life, why not inquire about becoming a part of our team?

Our Core Values

Innovation & Creative Thinking

We will manage ideas so they become practice. We will work to possess an understanding of the creative process. We will seek out and implement new processes to drive progress.

Mutual Accountability

We will follow through and deliver on our commitments. We will coach each other and hold each other accountable. We will share a sense of urgency and take appropriate action in difficult situations. We understand that being accountable means taking responsibility for your work, your actions and for yourself.

Open Communication

We will be free to effectively express ideas to others regardless of position. We are capable of giving and receiving feedback while remaining logical and receptive. We are committed to the “Go Direct” principle to preempt and resolve issues.

Trust and Respect for the Individual

We will value every individual for his or her contribution. We will ask for and allow people to openly express their thoughts and opinions. We will not just tolerate, but openly embrace and understand the richness of our differences. We will implement the ground rules of trust with all those with whom we interact.