Planned Giving Officer

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The Planned Giving Officer represents the Development Division in the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and relational stewardship of individuals for their interests in financially supporting the mission of The Gideons International and its programs.

This position will focus primarily on planned and deferred gifts, while also pursuing opportunities for major gifts—all with a heart of being donor-centric and promoting Biblical stewardship and generosity. Performance in this position requires functioning with impeccable integrity and securing gift commitments, with an emphasis on planned and deferred opportunities.

The position will represent all of The Gideons International funding needs, matching each donor’s interests with the appropriate gift opportunities. Of equal importance will be collaboration within the Development Division and service to donors, and the accommodation of their best interest in the gift cultivation.

A background in financial planning is preferred, and a legal background (J.D. degree) is a plus. The position reports to the Senior Planned Giving Officer of The Gideons International.

Specific Responsibilities

Assist in development and execution of marketing efforts for planned giving, including content for online promotion and printed materials for distribution to prospects explaining gift planning opportunities and tax advantages.

Develop and conduct Planned Giving Seminars to inform prospects of biblical stewardship and philanthropic opportunities through The Gideons International.

Submit call reports and record pertinent donor activities in CRM; use software for developing gift proposals.

Utilize Moves Management protocols to devise cultivation and solicitations plans, working collaboratively to assist other Development Officers in the strategy of their prospects and donors.

Minimum Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree is required, and an advanced degree (particularly in Law—J.D.), is especially desirable.
There should be three years’ experience in planned giving or charitable estate planning, trust operations, or finance.
A certified financial planner (CFP) or a similar professional designation is desirable.
Successful completion of a drug and background screen

Employment Number #2019-215 Location/Department Development Type Full Time Role Planned Giving Officer

Required Skills

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The talent to speak effectively and to make oneself understood in personal interactions and group presentations; to listen effectively to acquire and respond with relevant information to project credibility and sincerity. The ability to present a written message in a clear, direct, interesting, and compelling manner
Core Competencies
Mental Ability. The ability to acquire and apply the requisite technical knowledge (i.e., an understanding of estate planning and tax laws.); a facility with numbers, the ability to comprehend legal documents. Judgment and Decision Making. The ability to think on one’s feet; to evaluate relevant information, recognize alternatives, and reach logical conclusions based on the evidence at hand without undue vacillation; to handle day-to-day problems in a practical and effective way. Planning and Organizing. The discipline to structure personal activities to maximize productivity and efficiency; to arrange documentation and information in a systematic manner; to establish objective and measurable plans for accomplishment of goals; to set priorities. Human Relations Understanding and Skill. The sensitivity to perceive and react with consideration to the needs and feelings of others; skill in developing relationships that enhance understanding and engagement. The Ability to Motivate. The skills to influence, persuade, motivate, and convince others to the worthwhileness of the cause and appropriateness of the gift. High Initiative. Work in accordance with self-imposed work standards and discipline; to be a self-starter willingness to devote extra effort to get a job done. Persistence. Determination to continue to pursue objectives, despite disappointments and rejections. Self-Assurance. Realistic faith in one’s self-worth and abilities, which elicits the respect of others. Flexibility. Ability to adapt and respond appropriately to the demands of a variety of situations. Maturity. The willingness to delay immediate gratification and short-term rewards in order to achieve long-range goals; emotional and behavioral self-awareness; concern and consideration for the consequences of actions; ability to handle frustration and ambiguity constructively. Commitment. Loyalty to The Gideons International and a strong advocacy in the value of our ministry. Integrity. Demonstrates high standards of moral, legal and ethical behaviors. Exercises care and discretion in dealing with confidential donor information.
Financial Planning Legal Experience Development/Planned Giving/Charitable Estate Planning
1 Language
Core Values
Integrity Excellence Open Communication Stewardship
Work Environment & Time Requirement
Climate-controlled office environment 8-hour workday, with variations in work volume sometimes require extended working hours Travel required as necessary, up to 50 percent

Additional Requirements

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3 Years Of experience

Department / Location

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The Development Division is responsible for the International Headquarters’ philanthropic (i.e., fundraising) activities. We aspire to inspire more donors to share more generously to help fulfill our mission through the donors’ philanthropic objectives. With a Development program that is biblically based, donor-centered and strategically aligned, we seek to foster a “Culture of Generosity” throughout the ministry that is mutually beneficial to The Gideons International and its supporters, ultimately glorifying God and advancing His kingdom
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