Sr. Field Manager, USA

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Sr. Field Manager, USA Division

Purpose and Scope

The Sr. Field Manager, USA Division reports to the director and will develop relational connections with field managers, trustees, and state management team members. His focus will be equipping leaders to ensure The Gideons International thrives as a spiritual ministry where Christian business and professional men strengthen their Christian testimony and fulfill their God-given responsibilities as spiritual leaders. His target audience will include ministry leaders in a single zone and a maximum of six Field Managers, USA. They must be capable of balancing spiritual preparation and readiness with the practical work of the Association. They achieve results by consistently coaching and modeling:

A focus on the character of the man and the spiritual preparation that is prerequisite for the practical ministry of the Association.

How to leverage a man’s God-given acumen and influence for the practical ministry of the Association.

The successful candidate will understand the basics of leadership development and be capable of delivering engaging and memorable presentations, facilitating effective workshops, and modeling what is presented. This position travels approximately 50% of the time.

Essential Job Functions


Encourage ministry leaders in their Christian walk with a compelling focus on building Godly character and strengthening the witness and testimony of members
Include spiritual growth components in all field training (and activity) including evangelism, practicing spiritual disciplines, and discipleship.


In addition to performing the duties of a Field Manager, USA (adjusted to accommodate a 50% travel schedule)

Directs the development of the field managers. He provides the necessary leadership and accountability to ensure their strong Christian testimony and fulfill their God-given responsibilities as spiritual leaders.
Proper promotion and implementation of each ministry program supported and facilitated through the field managers
Oversees and supports the development, implementation and management of a sustainable and scalable model for the development of a vibrant ministry of The Gideons International in metropolitan communities including the International Convention host city
Recognizes, evaluates, pursues and promotes new ideas and opportunities to increase the impact of the Association
Supports the USA Division with appropriate tools and programs to increase productivity and success
Supports the USA Division by managing projects as assigned.
Carries out other duties as assigned

Other Essential Functions

Carry out responsibilities at International Convention as requested
Supply news items of national and international interest to Editorial Department
Serve as Assistant Leader at International Scripture Blitzes

Working Relationships
Reports To: Director, USA Division
People Management Responsibility: USA Field Managers
Works Closely With: Zone Trustees, State Presidents, Regional Directors, Program Coordinators, (Externally)

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Training & Development

Demonstrates a solid, visible relationship with Jesus Christ which is evidenced by a heart for God, which then translates into a genuine, deep love for others and a concern that others also know Jesus Christ as their Savior.
Possesses a Christ-like attitude in dealing with others inside and outside of The Gideons International, while faithfully upholding The Gideons International’s ministry in prayer
Operates out of a passion for people
Conflict competent
Follow verbal and written instructions
Ability to use PC and widely-used software applications, especially Microsoft Office applications
Ability to understand strategy and move members toward action
Ability to provide analytical feedback
Ability to communicate effectively with internal staff and external members, pastors and camp representatives


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to stand, walk, sit, talk, and hear. Specific vision abilities required by the job include close vision.
Extensive travel by automobile and air.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
Gideon in good standing
5-7 years of management, supervisory or training experience
PC experience, especially in Microsoft Office applications
Successful completion of a drug and background screen

Preferred Qualifications

Excellent interpersonal communication skills
3 years’ experience serving in state leadership
1-year experience serving as Field Manager, USA

This Job Description is for general purposes and guidelines only and should not be considered all-inclusive. Neither does the receipt of this job description constitute an employment contract. Furthermore, it should be known that this list of job requirements is subject to change without written notice.





Employment Number #2019-208 Location/Department USA Type Full Time Role Sr. Field Manager, USA

Required Skills

Here’s an overview of qualifications you need for this job.

Proven ability to communicate effectively and persuasively
Active Gideon in good standing with at least 1 year serving as a USA Field Manager preferred. Gideon State Leadership preferred.
Core Competencies
Actively learns, demonstrates and fosters the organizations’ culture in all actions and words. Takes personal initiative and is a positive example for others to emulate. Ability to understand the fundamental business drivers and communicate the state of business and provide strategic recommendations to management. Proven ability to keep a big picture perspective while dealing with very detailed information. Foster Open Communications and Approachability Positive and Constructive Attitude Build Talent Business Acumen Process Management Developing Direct Reports Decision Quality Problem Solving Dealing with Ambiguity Perspective Managerial Courage Ability to challenge the status quo
Gideon in good standing Management Skills
1 Language
Core Values
Innovation – Creative Thinking Mutual Accountability Open Communications Trust & Respect
Work Environment & Time Requirement
Climate-controlled office environment 8-hour workday while at the office. Longer workdays are required during field assignments Variations in work volume sometimes require extended working hours

Additional Requirements

What else it would be nice to have.

USA Field ManagerState LeadershipRelational
3 Years Of experience

Department / Location

A Brief Overview of the Department / Location which posted this job opening


The USA Division is responsible for serving the membership in a consistent manner with the ultimate goal of “inspiring our members to fulfill their call” to reach people for Christ. Our core purpose is to support the pivotal objectives to increase revenue, maximize Scripture distributions, and engage, develop and grow our membership while pursuing a culture of excellence.
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