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POSITION TITLE: International Executive Director
REPORTING TO: International President
LOCATION: Nashville, TN
THE COMPANY: The Gideons International (


The Gideons International is an interdenominational Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives who are members of Protestant /Evangelical Churches who have been instrumental in changing lives for more than 100 years. Members are dedicated to winning the lost to Christ through personal witnessing and the distribution of God’s Word in some 200 countries, territories and possessions around the world.

Members of The Gideons International live and serve in their local communities, making them very effective and efficient because these Gideons know the local language and customs. They know the locations of the hotels, schools, prisons, hospitals and other approved venues where Bibles and New Testaments need to be distributed. Sometimes, they are able to establish local groups of Gideons in countries where traditional missionaries aren’t allowed to go.


Our mission is to win others for the Lord Jesus Christ, through:
• The association of Christian business and professional men for service
• Personal testimony and personal work by individual Gideons
• Placing the Bible – God’s Holy Word – or portions thereof, in hotels, hospitals, schools, institutions, and also through distribution of same for personal use


The Gideons International began in 1899 as an Association of Christian business men to encourage one another in the Master’s work. The association of Christian men for service provides the activity for business and professional men to engage in one another’s lives, providing the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to intervene in relationships where conversation can occur to deal with the temptations of today. This opens up a platform for transparency and accountability where likeminded men can deal with the stuff of life. It is in these activities that relationships are built, and a special venue for men to meet God while they are involved in the work is created.


The Gideons International is intentional in its efforts to assist a Christian business or professional man in maintaining a strong personal testimony for Christ. These intentional efforts include practical training in spiritual disciplines and activities for spiritual growth. The expectation is that a man who joins The Gideons International will experience spiritual growth and equipping that moves him toward a lifestyle of personal work to bring others to Christ.


In 1908, Scripture placements began and have grown significantly over the years. Today, there are more than 270,000 Gideons and Auxiliary – and an untold number of supporters – in some 200 countries, territories, and possessions across the globe. These dedicated individuals have given their time and money to make it possible for others to learn about the love of God by giving them access to His Word. The Gideons have placed and distributed more than 2 billion Bibles and New Testaments around the world.

People are often led to faith in Christ by the profound truths discovered in His Word. By reading and studying the Bible, these individuals grow in their walk and, eventually, share their testimony with others. For this reason, The Gideons distribute complete Bibles, New Testaments, or portions thereof. The Gideons print in over 100 languages and take copies of God’s Word to the world by either personally handing them to individuals or by placing them in select public locations.

The Gideons believe distributing copies of God’s Word plants powerful seeds God will use according to His own timing (1 Corinthians 3:6), allows many to read the truth for themselves (John 8:32), provides a lasting witness (Hebrews 4:12), and makes it easier for those we reach to boldly spread the Good News (II Timothy 2:2).


Members of The Gideons International personally witness and distribute God’s Word to police, fire, and medical personnel; prisoners; military personnel; students in the fifth grade and above; and to those with whom they interact on a daily basis. Scriptures are also placed by Gideons and Auxiliary in key locations, including hotels, motels, hospitals, convalescent homes, medical offices, domestic violence shelters, prisons, and jails.


The Gideons International is united by a passion for sharing the Gospel personally and also through the distribution of God’s Word. In order to achieve their mission of winning the lost for Christ, The Gideons International seeks skilled, called, and passionate members and staff who:

• Believe in the Bible as the inspired (inerrant and infallible) Word of God
• Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God
• Have received Him as their personal Savior
• Endeavor to follow Him in their daily lives
• Believe in the endless lake of fire for the unsaved
• Accept the Biblical standard of marriage being between one man and one woman
• Are members in good standing of an Evangelical or Protestant church, congregation, or assembly


The Gideons International offers the international executive director the opportunity to put his passion and God given talents and abilities to use through the leadership of the international office. The Gideons International desires to attract and develop skilled, called, and passionate people to impact members and individuals around the world for Christ. The Gideons International wants to attract immensely creative employees with an ability to inspire, motivate, and challenge others.


Our core values are the tools we use and the behaviors we exhibit as employees of The Gideons International. They describe how we work together to achieve this special place we’re developing and how they make us uniquely successful.

We are united by a passion for sharing the Gospel and the distribution of God’s Word. Our desire is to develop a compelling environment founded on Christ-like integrity through Open Communication, Mutual Accountability, Creative Thinking (Innovation), and Trust & Respect for the Individual. In doing so, we will cultivate the opportunity for individuals to reach their full potential, using their God given gifts and talents in an atmosphere where every person is valued and respected.

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5

We will manage ideas so they become practice. We will work to possess an understanding of the creative process. We will seek out and implement new processes to drive progress.

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4

We will follow through and deliver on our commitments. We will coach each other and hold each other accountable. We will share a sense of urgency and take appropriate action in difficult situations. We understand that being accountable means taking responsibility for your work, your actions, and for you.

“But, speaking the truth in love, may [we] grow up in all things into Him who is the head – Christ.” Ephesians 4:15

We feel free and we’re able to effectively express ideas to others regardless of position. We are capable of giving and receiving feedback while remaining logical and receptive. We are committed to the “Go Direct” Principle to preempt and resolve issues.

“Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” Philippians. 2:3

We will value every individual for his or her contribution. We will ask for and allow people to openly express their thoughts and opinions. We will not just tolerate, but openly embrace and understand the richness of our differences. We will implement the ground rules of trust with all those with whom we interact.


International Executive Director, Secretary to the International Cabinet

The Gideons International is searching for their new international executive director to provide leadership and management in the International Association office located in Nashville, Tennessee, and serve as secretary on the International Cabinet. The international executive director demonstrates diplomatic leadership and is responsible for the formulation, direction, and continuing implementation of a comprehensive, overall operating plan for The Gideons International while working under the oversight of the Executive Committee. The international executive director develops an international work plan detailing short- and long- term goals, specific action steps, and deliverables, with a process for monitoring and evaluating the success of The Gideons International. He develops a platform for growth for The Gideons International. He travels nationally and internationally, as this position may require travel up to approximately 25% of the time. The international executive director will report directly to the international president as chairman of the Executive Committee.


In order to achieve the mission of winning the lost for Christ, the international executive director must:

• Believe in the Bible as the inspired (inerrant and infallible) Word of God
• Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God
• Have received Him as their personal Savior
• Endeavor to follow Him in their daily lives
• Believe in the endless lake of fire for the unsaved
• Accept the Biblical standard of marriage being between one man and one woman
• Are members in good standing of an Evangelical or Protestant church, congregation or assembly

Spiritually Mature – This person will have a solid, visible relationship with Christ which is evidenced by a heart for God, a deep love for people, and a concern that others know Jesus Christ as their Savior. The fruits of the individual’s faith will show in attitude, time, dedication, character, humility, church involvement, energy, and wisdom. The fruit of the Spirit, as communicated in Galatians 5:22-23, will be his context for leadership practice and be reflected in his emotional maturity.

Leadership – Five or more years of senior level management /leadership experience. Skilled in business strategic planning, business development, development of others, etc. by achieving measurable goals, metrics, and organizational development. Rises to new or emergent challenges.

Visionary – Envisions and articulates a preferred future for the ministry in a compelling manner, while inspiring, leading change, and fostering an innovative spirit in others. Comfortable with disruption and the unique challenges of change and able to articulate a compelling vision for the Association (the International Cabinet, members, and staff).

Interpersonal Skills – Works effectively with others in a cross-cultural environment; viewed as highly approachable and open; and, relates to others in an accepting and respectful manner regardless of their social status, culture, personality, or background. Inspires change with affirmation, and provides critique that calls people up to new levels of excellence and inspiration.

Credible Communicator – An exceptional communicator to diverse audiences and environments. Reflects a professional presence and credibility and able to inspire confidence in those he speaks to and/or with.

Establishes Relationships – Takes an interest in other people and their needs; consistently shows respect for others; leverages networks to get things done and has the ability to influence others.

Persuasiveness – After listening and gathering all appropriate data, effectively sells ideas necessary to move the organization forward. Creates enthusiasm and buy-in for the future by involving others. Capable of marshaling and managing interpersonal influence in diverse contexts.

Responsiveness – Has a servant’s heart; responds timely to requests and problems; and follows through on commitments to co-workers, ministry leaders, members and other ministry contacts.

Culturally Sensitive & Savvy – Culturally adept and able to increase others’ regard for and effectiveness in diverse cultures. He should model a knowledge and regard for specific cultural differences that cross ethnic, cultural, and national boundaries. Demonstrates an international perspective in policy and practice that manifests itself within the Association.

The executive director will serve as the primary strategist with the Executive Committee and his Executive Team in developing the vision and strategic plans for guiding and optimizing the current and future direction of the Association. He will identify, assess, and inform the Executive Committee and his Executive Team of internal and external issues/trends that are impacting the Association so as to proactively address necessary changes with revised goals and revised plans and serve as a professional advisor to the International Cabinet on all aspects of the Association’s business. He will foster open communications between the Executive Committee and IHQ staff, and along with the International President will be an inspirational spokesperson and vision caster for the Association. He will conduct official correspondence on behalf of the International Cabinet as appropriate, whether individually or with the International Cabinet, and will represent the ministry at Association and community activities to intentionally develop the organization’s profile.

Operational Planning and Management
The executive director will develop an operational plan which incorporates the goals and objectives that drive towards the strategic direction of the Association while truly inspiring the membership and the staff in their work to grow the Kingdom of God. He will work with the Executive Team in overseeing the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the Association, while reviewing current policies and potential new policies to enrich the future growth of the global Association, with appropriate Board approval. Additionally, he will provide support to the International Cabinet and Standing Committees by preparing timely and accurate meeting minutes, agendas, and supporting materials. He will ensure that all staff, membership, and donor information is securely stored and privacy/confidentiality is preserved.

Program Planning and Management
The executive director will oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Association’s programs and services, evaluating whether they are achieving necessary objectives. He will ensure that the programs and services offered by the Association contribute to the Association’s mission and reflect the priorities of the International Cabinet. He will monitor the day-to-day delivery of the programs and services to consistently improve quality, as well as to ensure member engagement.

Human Resources Planning and Management
The executive director will work with the senior director, Human Resources to daily achieve a Christ-centered, flourishing organizational culture which attracts, retains, motivates and develops a diverse staff of top quality talent. He will ensure that the Association recruits, interviews, and selects the right staff to bring the head and heart together to achieve Christ-centered excellence through their technical and personal skills to further the Association’s mission. He will ensure that all staff are properly on-boarded to the organization and that appropriate training and development is provided. He will determine workforce requirements for Association management and program delivery as the Association grows. He will work in close connection with the senior director, Human Resources to oversee the implementation of all human resources policies, procedures and practices including clarity around the work responsibilities for all staff. He will maintain a positive, healthy and safe work environment. He will work closely with Human Resources to utilize healthy and God-honoring communications when it’s necessary to hold staff accountable or to release staff when necessary using appropriate legal procedures.

Financial Planning and Management
The executive director will work with the chief financial officer and the Finance Committee to prepare a comprehensive budget which achieves the immediate and long-term goals of the Association and secures needed funding for the vision and operations of the Association. He will approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the International Cabinet. He will ensure that bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed in accordance with ECFA protocols, while also ensuring the Association complies with all financial laws. He will provide the Executive Committee with comprehensive, regular reports on the revenues and expenditures of the Association. He will work with the CFO and applicable directors to oversee all fundraising plans and share the tangible vision of the ministry with major donors to engage them to cheerfully give of their resources.

Membership and Community Relations
The executive director will communicate with members through the appropriate channels (i.e., The Gideon magazine, blog, International Convention, etc.) to keep them informed of the vision, work, and needs of the ministry. He will establish value-added working relationships and collaborative arrangements with Association members, churches, national associations, suppliers, major donors, community groups, government officials, politicians, and other organizations to help achieve the goals of the Association.

Risk Management
The executive director will identify and evaluate the risks to the Association (i.e., members, staff, and management), property, finances, goodwill, and image and implement measures to control risks on a global basis. He will ensure that the Executive Committee, the International Cabinet, and the organization carries appropriate and adequate insurance coverage and financial reserves. He will visit domestic and international ministry locations to keep apprised of their operations, financial matters, and risk exposure while remaining informed of government actions that influence ministry operations, as well as participate with support organizations to protect the interests of the Association. He will also perform other duties as assigned.

• A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
• Must hold current or past Gideon membership
• Mature Christian character, loving Jesus Christ and living as His disciple
• Five or more years of senior level management/leadership experience or other leadership experience commensurate with leading a large staff with multiple disciplines, e.g., finance, communications, information technology, etc.
• Experience managing a multi-million-dollar budget or commensurate executive, experience
• Ability to engage and lead a team of leaders as a credible, trustworthy advisor, listening, discussing and boldly speaking truth to facilitate healthy change
• Ability to work collaboratively with all levels and functions within a global matrix organization
• Excellent analytical skills, highly articulate with clear speaking and writing skills using the English language

• Current or past leadership capacity at camp, state, or national level
• Experience managing a staff of 50 or more staff persons
• Experience in nonprofit or evangelical ministry leadership
• If married, wife is a member of the Auxiliary

Based on the skills and experience of the person hired, we are anticipating a competitive base salary and bonus potential, comprehensive benefits, and relocation assistance.


Respond in three (3) pages or Less for these questions
Send to: (Along with resume & most recent compensation information)

Type out the question and then your answer.

1. Are you a current or past Gideon?
a. Please explain your level of involvement with The Gideons to date, and any leadership positions through which you have served the ministry.
2. What is the purpose (product/service), size, and scope of the business you lead?
a. Include revenue/budget/P&L you are directly accountable for. To whom do you report (who is your boss)?
b. Include the number of employees reporting directly to you and the overall staff size of the organization.
c. Include a brief description of the functional areas reporting to you.
3. Why should The Gideon’s Executive Committee consider and ultimately select you as our next leader?
4. What is your experience in spiritual leadership?
a. Include your personal testimony of how you came to Christ.
b. Include positions you have held in church or other Christian ministries
c. Include any other personal spiritual leadership experiences that feel are pertinent such as your family’s spiritual life
5. What is your leadership philosophy?
6. Are you willing to relocate to Nashville?
a. Please explain your family situation (spouse/career; kids – what grades are they in if in school)

If you are qualified and interested in being considered as a candidate for this great opportunity, please submit the following information:

• Resume (in WORD format)
• Most recent compensation information
• Responses to each of our 6 questions (in WORD format)

Please send the requested information to In the subject line, please indicate The Gideons Int’l – Exec Director

Applicant Submission Deadline: Thursday, December 21, 2017

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